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As explained in the previous question about AJAX, events are bound only to elements that exist at the time when you issue your initial jQuery call. When you create a new element, you must bind the event to it separately, or use event delegation.

Only block-level elements can have a custom width or height. When you do an animation on an element that animates the height or width (such as show, hide, slideUp, or slideDown), the display CSS property will be set to 'block' for the duration of the animation. The display property will be reverted to its original value after the animation completes. (This does not work properly for inline-block elements.)

In the previous example, please use js to hide the menu (the first line) if your menu requires js. If some one doesn't have js turned on they can still get to your content. Also note you can change the show/hide to any old jQuery effect and use "slow" and "fast" to animate it.

The code above does not work as desired due to the nature of asynchronous programming. The provided success handler is not invoked immediately, but rather at some time in the future when the response is received from the server. So when we use the 'status' variable immediately after the $.ajax call, its value is still undefined. The next snippet shows how we can rewrite this function to behave as desired:

Options in jQuery are plain JavaScript objects. Whenever Options is mentioned as a type, that object and also all of its properties should be optional. There are exceptions where at least one option is required. jQuery's most prominent use of Options is its AJAX-method. Nearly all jQuery plugins provide an Options-based API: They work without any configuration, but allow users to specify whatever customization they need.

In that mode, it uses the form's action-attribute as the AJAX-URL and the form's method-attribute to determine whether to GET or POST the form. You can override both defaults by specifying them as options:

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